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Welcome To OYC! Off Your Chest....


[Under Construction]

Welcome one and all to the Website of OYC, Off Your Chest. It is totally under construction , we are in the process of setting up right now...... Just to let you know what to expect, we are solely here to provide YOU the moaner a forum for moaning your heart out, a soapbox as it were. Fed up when no one is listening? Annoyed at the boss, annoyed at the husband or wife? Well Get It Off Your Chest! This is where the worlds' moaners, complainers, whiners, gripers, protesters, grumblers, critics, objectors, nit pickers, naggers you know who you are, you just want to be heard! And We at OYC are hear to aid you in your quest to being heard!



Our Mission

Look after the World Whine Web or WWW for short (acronym in use already ?) 



Contact Information

Any comments / suggestions you have in the mean time, just drop a line....

Telephone - Oh No the telecom company cut us off again....
FAX - They never work for me anyway!
Postal address
123 Whine Way, Moansville IE
Electronic mail
General Information:
Customer Support: Your looking at it!


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Last modified: January 19, 2001